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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MTV Asia Awards X Pax Party

MTV Asia Awards X Pax party at genting.

I got 2 invites to the party. Guess what they gave as door gifts

Drink coupons and this.

Xpax Starter Pack....

The night started out with Performances from Pussy Cat Dolls. The last time they were here, they got fined for exposing too much. Too bad this time around, i dun see them doing anything that will get them in the same trouble again.
Watch it.

The host for the night was Jared Leto & Karen Mok....
East Meets West hosts.


Other performances for the night included OneRepublic, Panic at the Disco, Super Junior, The Click Five and Sun.

The highlight for me has got to be Leona Lewis. She sounded so good live. She is one of those that shot to fame overnight, after winning the British Idol. She even got voted the Hottest Vegetarian or something.

And here are the list of winners for the awards.

Favourite Music Artist Awards from Asia:

Favorite Artist of China: Li Yu Chun

Favorite Artist of Hong Kong: Leo Ku

Favorite Artist of Indonesia: Yovie & Nuno

Favorite Artist of Korea: Super Junior

Favorite Artist of Malaysia: Nicholas Teo

Favorite Artist of Philippines: Chicosci

Favorite Artist of Singapore: Stefanie Sun

Favorite Artist of Taiwan: Show Lo

Favorite Artist of Thailand: TOR+ Saksit

International Music Awards:

Favorite International Artist of Asia: Linkin Park

Best Hook-up: Timbaland feat. OneRepublic - “Apologize”

The Innovation Award: Radio Head

Breakthrough Artist: Leona Lewis

Video Star: 30 Seconds to Mars - “A Beautiful Lie”

Bring Da House Down: Muse – Muse

Asia Tour edc Style Award: Panic at the Disco

Knockout Award: The Click Five

Inspiration Award: Karen Mok

Then there was the grand finale...

There were Can Can dancers, Acrobats and even a dancing band.

It was great fun at the MTV Asia Awards. Thanks to Xpax.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour


Nuffnang recently just did a promo for Hong Leong with the movie Made Of Honour and a fish game. Its called Flip Flop Flippy.

First of all...What does Hong Leong & Fish Game & Made of Honour have to do with one another?.. Those were my first tots...

Then i continue to read the nuffnang blog that says...

Hong Leong Online in collaboration with Buena Vista Columbia Tristar is having an exquisite 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL which features various wedding themed performances and the movie premiere of Made of Honour right after the dinner.

Guess what did i see??

.....having an exquisite 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL which features .....

ok i admit..that was all i saw... haha.. so i started to play the game...

At first my friends said it was just another dumb game..but after a while it gets addictive too....
Then all my frens started to call it the Fish Leong Game Hong Leong Fish Game...so i guess the combo of fish game & Hong Leong did work out on their side after all.

This was my initial score...

Then i got better

and better

and better

Until finally after a few days of trying... this is what i got....i tot that i did pretty ok.....at 16050g.....

So i decided that it was time to write this blogpost to annouce my score to the world....then suddenly i tot..hey how sure can win or not??... so i decided to google up.....

Guess what i found??? ..... This guy... his score was....25200g..... wat the....

I mean...how to do fish 25 small fish, 25 medium fish and 31 big fish..in less then 90 seconds???
Tats like almost 1 fish every second.....
I guess when everyone was using the rod given by the game....

He was probably using this......

.....=) hahahaha...... I guess he is the Hong Leong Fish Game Sifu......i'm quite sure he will be getting the 8 course dinner....

For those of you that wanna try out to win the Made Of Honour movie pass that included the dinner... kindly go play the game .

Now not sure if my score will be enuff to get my exquisite 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL.....

If i do... Thank you to Nuffnang , Hong Leong Online & Buena Vista Columbia Tristar.....

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Who's Your Eco Celebrity Match?

Written by Chelvi Krishnan

Well my partner in our quest to save the Eco.( according to a test I did) His name is Brad Pitt…you all know him?
Ok…ok I could hear loud and clear. You all know him…fine.
Apart from the yada yada ehemm that we ( I mean me and Brad) are well, curios and we know much about the planet.( Are they serious, for my part anyway) It was also mentioned that Brad would probably be pretty darn proud of the contributions I make on a daily basis!

Howdy my eco partner, would you ever know what I’m doing on the other site of the world?? Ahh you would “probably” be proud of me….
Here’s the deal…I do care about the lovely planet earth we live in, but I would say my knowledge it not yet enough. So to commemorate Earth Day on 22nd April 2008 I’m going to make some noise.

Remember those days when we want save the planet there’s a bulb that will go on your head with the word ‘recycling’ on it? Yes it’s still important to recycle but we humans have evolve more by ehemm in strategically destroying the earth and the same time coming up with solutions.

So let’s all get a big ol’ band-aid and wrap mother Earth around it and help. Well it’s ain’t that easy. So we put a solar panel on our roof or get a hybrid car? Don’t think my pocket can stretch to that far far away land. So lets do all those little things that really add up J and at the same time pucker up the knowledge

1. I eat fast… it’s not gobbling!

Change: Take time to enjoy the whole process of preparing and eating food in ways that have developed over centuries. Look at the international Slow Food movement, which aims to "promote gastronomic culture, develop a taste education, conserve agricultural biodiversity, and protect traditional foods at risk of extinction."

2. Using nail polish without awareness

Change: If you want to keep your fingers and toes well dressed, use a water-based nail polish. Unlike solvent-based slicks, these don't contain formaldehyde or phthalates, which can damage both your health and the environment. Water-based versions come in beautiful colors and dry to the touch in just three minutes.

3. I’ll just chuck the trash

Change: Minimize the impact of the trash you can't avoid producing by squashing it before you chuck it. This way it will take up less space in landfill sites or recycling depots--and pummeling it is a great stress-buster as well!

4. Eating out for lunch

Change: Get yourself a sturdy container, an unbreakable bottle and/or flask, buy some bulk supplies at the beginning of each week, and let your imagination run wild. With the cash you'll save by not buying heavily packaged convenience foods or eating out, you can afford a different treat every day.

5. Shutdown…

Change: Many modern TVs and computer monitors need to be unplugged in order fully to disable their standby setting. Incorporate this into your daily shutdown routine, and try to keep cables as untangled as possible so that you can easily identify which outlet to aim for.
Join the team. Everyone can play a part.

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Tips on Relieving Stress

Written by Andrew

Nowadays, most of people from urban areas unable to relieve their stress effectively. They often relieve their stress by visiting pub, disco and other place similar to it. Although these places seem fun and only at here we can consume a lot of alcoholic drinks, however, it’s not a healthy living style. Moreover, we can expose to drugs if we are not cautious.

Actually there still have many ways for us to get rid of our headache stress. We can choose a better entertainment that involved our closest family, friends and even a stranger. It’s very simple. What I will mention now probably already becomes your routine activity, but I still wrote this because I want to share with everybody.
Personally I like to playing computer games. I think play games were really fun because we can get the satisfaction from the games we’ve played. I would like to suggest online games to everyone. Firstly, the online game I intro to you all is Maple Story. This game really fun although the game was built in 2-D. Maple Story suit to all ages. If you really feel boring and stressed, why don’t give a try on it? Secondly, I will like to intro this website to you all. That’s neopets.com! This really is a cool site. You can raise your pets by creating or adopting. Of course, you can abandon it if you don’t like the one you’ve created. You can earn “money” or called neopoints by playing their flash games. There are many features and I unable to state all of that. Thus, you’ve to figure it out by giving it a try on this cool site!

Instead of playing games, we also can choose other type of entertainment or activity to relieve our stress. Such as establish a gathering with old friends and having some barbeque party or going out for a cup of coffee with colleagues and etc…My personal suggestion is to Starbucks Coffee and have a cup of cappuccino or mocha with your friends. It is better if you go at night because the atmosphere is romantic and tranquility at night time. I bet you’ll like it so much!

Other than that, Sports also one of the choice too. And I would like to suggest bowling! Not necessary to possess high skill to play bowling because it is quite funny when you watch the ball you’ve thrown fall into the side drain…You should call a gang of friends to play with. Because you can laugh at each other lousy skill on playing bowling. I bet you will become more relax than before after few set of bowling game…If your living areas do not have bowling centre you also can try out volleyball. It is also similar with the bowling game because you can call many friends to involve in!

Finally, I would like to say thanks to you all who has read my article. Hope my little guide can contribute! And remember, do not consume fast foods or oily foods such as chicken chop, French fries frequently and try to eat vegetables and fruits everyday! Because this will help you to reduce your emotional action. Proof has been certified by scientists that some essential nutrients from veggies can help us remain calm than usual. Hope you all stay healthy and free from stress and problems every single day!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Money from the Sky

Written by Ellyda

Money talks can get people listening to you. Money is the root of all evil. One of that root of evil is coming up with some kind of scam, involving money kind of scam, Get-Rich-Fast Scam, Get-A-Lot-Of-Money-In-No-Time Scam, Hey-Look-I’m-Rich-You-Can-Be-Too Scam, and Invest-With-Me-Get Rich-Together Scam just to name a few. Just post an ad for free on the Internet on ways to make money can attract a lot of people’s attention including mine. But may I assure you that money does not falls from the sky.

Well maybe some are not scams. We have to give credits for them to willingly to share their road to success and to wealth by providing us their successful stories. But how will we ever know whether scam or no scam unless we have tried it ourselves right? Some of the ads either we have to join their club or buying their e-books on the Internet, we will be on our way on earning more money.

Here I’m not going to tell you how to make a lot of money is a very short time or tell you which money earning program you should join, but to tell you how to avoid getting scam on the Internet.

1. You can joined any forums or blogs to share ideas and talk to a few people which can give you insight knowledge on these kind of things. It also helps if you read newspapers or watch news on TV to know what is going on in the world around you. If you think you want to participate is any programs making money, make sure that you investigate thoroughly by finding out from the people who joined and talk to them successful and unsuccessful people if there are any. It also helps to consult in friends and family before making any decisions.

2. If you want to join in the world of making money through the net, find a trusted source that you can start with, for example, Google Adsense and Nuffnang.com where you can use your blog as a base for advertising. You can earn money when people click on the ads on your blog.

3. Other than that, you can also do your own investigating. If you want to do an internet investment, please check whether the scheme is authorized or not. If not you can check with your authorities to confirmed. Do not invest with schemes that are illegal. It may be the easy way but may I warn you, you may lose your money.

4. To join a multi-level marketing company or MLM, please do verify the product that they are selling. Try calling their suppliers and customers to make sure the products they are selling is the product they told us. Trusted MLM companies that are well known and already successful are Amway, Forever Living and USANA Health Sciences. Put your money where its worth it.

5. “Subject: WINNING NOTIFICATION-You’ve won USD100, 000.00”. Some of us may get this in our email. But for email like this make sure that you had entered any valid contest to win any amount of money. Do not trust email that came from nowhere and you have never registered on their websites.

In your search of the best program for earning money, I hope some of my guidelines are useful to you in anyway and if you do find a good money earning programs that are not scams and trustworthy, please don’t hesitate to tell me. :)

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Childhood counts!

Written by hlpe

Ever wondered why some people are a natural talent at almost everything? Whether its playing the piano or striking a business deal? And as many management/leadership conferences you attend you can't seem to attain their level of efficacy, leaving you in a downright frustrated state.

The answer or at least part of the answer lies in the fact that they started learning these stuff from young! Yes! Just in case you haven't realize, who and what you are today is a sum of your wealth of experiences. Rest assured i am not talking about parents who freakily teach their 3 year old child how to mind map or negotiate business deals, but allow me to dazzle you with how trivial experiences of childhood can give you a cutting edge today!

1. Time management & Teamwork
How? Dividing household chores between siblings. Though this might sound rather insignificant then. You learned how to
prioritize (gaging what task need to be accomplish first, lest the curse of the cane), manage time (make sure you allocate your time for study, play, leisure and chores), teamwork (cooperate with your siblings so that the end goal (i.e. a clean house) is achieved; this might mean covering for each other when the other is sick/busy)

2. Creativity & Innovation
How? Coming from a middle/lower socioeconomic strata, you wouldn't have Fisher Price toys (which are supposed to be educational in nature) or Fancy colouring books to colour in. But this is where imagination runs wild! You used cushions from sofas (double them up) and ride them as someone born with a silver spoon in the mouth would ride a wooden rocking horse, you draw in the sand on your back yard and to add colour you scatter flower petals of different flowers you pinch from the garden. Enough said (You definitely will have tons of ideas when asked to carry out a project with limited resources!)

3. Awareness of individual rights and the Confidence to express it
How? In my house at least, we use to have "meetings" to discuss the our parents' level of satisfaction with our household chore performance (if you really think about it, its like KPIs-Key Performance Indicators of the corporate world today), it was also an opportunity for us to voice our dislike on certain task we were assigned to and allowed to swapped with siblings (skill of negotation at play) if you are able to support your point with valid reasoning. You will learn to fight for you individual rights (if you are experiencing task overload) and certainly developed the confidence to voice it (because you don't want to do the task!

Unfortunate for your HR department, they will certainly have a run for it if they try to rip you of your employee rights in any way.

4. Organization & the power of "Black & White"
How? Continuing from above, these "meetings" are minuted...so yes! I learnt how to take minutes of meeting from the tender age of 8 or was it 9? And you learned a dose of abidance to rules and regulations as well, and how important listing things in 'Black & White' is! (Which you will learnt later in life, be it in tenancy agreements, employee contract, or god forbids you get involve in a lawsuit)

5. Value of money and the power of savings
How? Pocket money. I used to have a friend whose parent had a stack of RM50 notes in a particular drawer in the house for refill. In other words, pocket money wasn't capped. Needless to say, such a system teaches you almost nothing about money. But if you have a fixed pocket money and the total amount is derived from the amount you would need to have a single meal during recess (e.g. RM 2 per day x 5 = You get RM10 a week). You definitely learned to save! Whether you used the money to buy candy or toycars (you need to mentally if not on paper work out how much you need to save per day in order to afford your gift!)

Even the richer kids in society learn some important lessons of money (if they get sent off to boarding schools). Alot of boarding schools for the elite, implement pocket money system as well. One would need to fill up a form to request for allowances. NOTE: and if anything was written wrongly in the request form = NO ALLOWANCE (I'm sure this definitely helped them learnt to be meticulous when writing out cheques 10-15 years down the road)

I could go on forever, but i think you get my point. So if you are a parent, never underestimate the value of trivial stuff; and if you are already all grown up (don't blame your parents for not teaching you stuff), start learning now! Experience is wealth, unfortunately time = money too, and money can't buy time!

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The Gem Of My Life

Written by fleur de lis

Gone? I barely whisper. My heart stood frozen at her words. I barely registered what my mom has just said and it all sinks slowly a few moments later. I knew it will happen one day, but I never thought the day would come that soon. I walked to my room and sink on my bed. My eyes started to water. My mind flashes back.

“Hey Jill, come and have a look. There’s a black pup roaming in our street.” My little sister comes bustling and both of us look out from the door. “Aww…. He’s so cute. Lets go outside and have a better look.” My mind concludes fast. Mom is not at home, neither is Dad. It would not hurt to have a peep and maybe a few pats on the pup if he is harmless enough. I rushed to the kitchen and scoop a few handfuls or rice and also a generous amount of Mom’s specialty dish – salted vegetable with pork and placed them on a plastic bag. Both of us went out and whistled to the pup. Sure enough, he came trotting at us with that lost pup look. He is a few month old pup so he is not exactly that little anymore. We fed him and he gobbles everything down. Either he is a fan of mom’s cooking or perhaps he is just plain hungry. “Shall we name him Spike?” My elder sis came into view a short while later. Both of us nod.

From that moment on, Spike never leaves us. Mom does not allow us to rear him because she said our house garden is not big enough and also pets are troublesome. Still, we fed him all the time. Ohh, by the way, he is actually a her. But since Spike has already taken to the name, so we just let it be. Spike usually roams the neighborhood and our neighbors help fed him too whenever they have some leftover bones or meats. Spike has taken over us so much that she always come back even though some neighbors treat her particularly well. That is dog for you, their loyalties stands firm. She greets us whenever we reached home. She’ll be eying the corner of our street and when she saw our car turns in, she’ll bark joyfully and madly and came trotting after our car. When mom and I went to the market, she’ll happily trot along following us but she always stops at the main road. There are too many cars there and we will shoo her back for we are afraid that she might get knock over. Mom always scolded me whenever I pat her. She said Spike is filthy but I just could not resist it each time I saw her. She always loves it when I patted her. She will close her eyes like she thoroughly enjoyed it. I even bought dog shampoo and tried to bath her. She does not like it but I grabbed on her to make her stay still. She is a mischievous dog, always chasing and barking at our neighborhood’s postman and people on bikes and bicycles. Most probably she is against people on two wheels. She looks fierce on the outside but she is one scaredy cat inside. All in all, she is one lovable dog. Dad has took a liking to her too and he bought her Pedigree (canned dog food) most of the time. She just loves them.

However, due to Spike’s playful nature she does annoyed some of the other neighbors. She did sneaked in into people’s garden and digs the dirt up and barks all the time in the middle of the night. Those that despise wild dog frequently lodge a report to get a few dogcatchers to capture Spike. Spike is pretty smart; many times she escapes when she saw the truck turning in. And she always outruns those dogcatchers. She has got a few good hiding places. My sis and me always pleaded to mom to take her in but mom always refuses.

One gloomy day however when I was in school, they managed to catch Spike. According to my mom, the neighbors said they surrounded her at both corners after a few runs and Spike knowing that she would never have a chance, succumb at our doorsteps and being drag away.

Spike came into our life for a short period of a year plus, but the vast memories she has given us is priceless. I have always dot on Spike a lot thus that is why I am her favorite and it hurts so deep to find out she ended up like this.

All that is left now is only memory. It had happened more than eight years ago but I can still feel the affection of Spike towards us. Her mischievousness and antics lingers in my mind all the time. Someday, I know I will have another dog, but the memory of my very first dog will never be forgotten. It might be painful but this is just part of life. And learning to accept it means that you have grown up. Friends or even the special someone come and go in your life. Nothing stays forever. Just be grateful that both of you once crossed path. For the memory will remain eternally.

She is more than a friend and a companion to me. She is a part of the family and that should never change. Wherever you are, Spike, you will always have a place in my heart.

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