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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

10 things you know that HE/SHE is NOT the one..

Nowadays, we usually hear “How do you know if he/she is the one for you?” or “10 top things he/she is your true love?”

I decided to write in something different.

These are all from my own point of view based on my own relationship experiences.

There is ten things you know that he or she is NOT the one for you….

He/she does not really communicate with you much and does not apologize about it even if he/she knows it so. You can really see the difference in him/her.

He/she usually starts getting abusive towards you physically or mentally. That shows that he/she does not give a care in the world if you get hurt tremendously.

He/she usually distant themselves away from you once they get to know that you have that special feelings for them. That shows they really don’t want to deepen the relationship.

They would be talking to another guy/girl in a very intimate way in front of your face… “Ouch! That hurts” That is quite an extreme… You get the message yeah..

They always and I really mean always reject your offer when you want to get to know them better by hanging out no matter where like the movies or even just having a snack together. That means they really don’t want to be close to you. Well understandable, everyone has a personal space so only “special people” can get into that personal space of another. Get the picture? Hopefully la.. ^^

They always laugh at you even when you know that what happened was not funny and you wish he/she could just show a little consideration. That means they don’t care about your feelings.

They might say they love you but actions speaks louder than words. It might just be words after all but in the end, they don’t do anything about it. This shows that they really don’t care about you.

If you are sick, they never bother of calling you up or just asking you of how are you feeling.. Okay, this is already a big sign if you know what I mean. That person is a jerk for sure.

No matter how much you try, you are never gonna be good enough for them. Worse still, they might compare you with other girls/guys which makes it more than just a sign. It needs action taken!

The main sign of knowing that he or she is not the one and definitely in reality, he or she does not cherish you by not accepting you for what you are and wants you to be what they want instead. They don’t appreciate you and really they are just making use of you.

However I can say from my point of view, every girl and guy are different in their own ways. So, all I can say is that for those who found their loved ones happens to have one of this ten signs, don’t fret!

There are still better ones who would accept you and love you for what you are. You are all special and deserve so much better!

God bless all!

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