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Monday, April 21, 2008

Who's Your Eco Celebrity Match?

Written by Chelvi Krishnan

Well my partner in our quest to save the Eco.( according to a test I did) His name is Brad Pitt…you all know him?
Ok…ok I could hear loud and clear. You all know him…fine.
Apart from the yada yada ehemm that we ( I mean me and Brad) are well, curios and we know much about the planet.( Are they serious, for my part anyway) It was also mentioned that Brad would probably be pretty darn proud of the contributions I make on a daily basis!

Howdy my eco partner, would you ever know what I’m doing on the other site of the world?? Ahh you would “probably” be proud of me….
Here’s the deal…I do care about the lovely planet earth we live in, but I would say my knowledge it not yet enough. So to commemorate Earth Day on 22nd April 2008 I’m going to make some noise.

Remember those days when we want save the planet there’s a bulb that will go on your head with the word ‘recycling’ on it? Yes it’s still important to recycle but we humans have evolve more by ehemm in strategically destroying the earth and the same time coming up with solutions.

So let’s all get a big ol’ band-aid and wrap mother Earth around it and help. Well it’s ain’t that easy. So we put a solar panel on our roof or get a hybrid car? Don’t think my pocket can stretch to that far far away land. So lets do all those little things that really add up J and at the same time pucker up the knowledge

1. I eat fast… it’s not gobbling!

Change: Take time to enjoy the whole process of preparing and eating food in ways that have developed over centuries. Look at the international Slow Food movement, which aims to "promote gastronomic culture, develop a taste education, conserve agricultural biodiversity, and protect traditional foods at risk of extinction."

2. Using nail polish without awareness

Change: If you want to keep your fingers and toes well dressed, use a water-based nail polish. Unlike solvent-based slicks, these don't contain formaldehyde or phthalates, which can damage both your health and the environment. Water-based versions come in beautiful colors and dry to the touch in just three minutes.

3. I’ll just chuck the trash

Change: Minimize the impact of the trash you can't avoid producing by squashing it before you chuck it. This way it will take up less space in landfill sites or recycling depots--and pummeling it is a great stress-buster as well!

4. Eating out for lunch

Change: Get yourself a sturdy container, an unbreakable bottle and/or flask, buy some bulk supplies at the beginning of each week, and let your imagination run wild. With the cash you'll save by not buying heavily packaged convenience foods or eating out, you can afford a different treat every day.

5. Shutdown…

Change: Many modern TVs and computer monitors need to be unplugged in order fully to disable their standby setting. Incorporate this into your daily shutdown routine, and try to keep cables as untangled as possible so that you can easily identify which outlet to aim for.
Join the team. Everyone can play a part.

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