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Monday, April 7, 2008

Not another one, please.

I like good blogs. Everyone does. But not everyone creates good blogs. And so I would like to share what I think is important to create a good blog, and hopefully things will get better.

i) Blog URL and Blog Name- Make it personalized, if not interesting!

You do realize that your blog URL is just like the home address of yours, and it shows where you are when people need to find you, don’t you? Since you wouldn’t want to have a complicated home address, why bother creating a complicated blog URL? Keep it interesting by making it your own. A definite no-no is to have a very long blog URL such as this: www.myworldofdreamswherefantasycomestrue.blogspot.com. Oh, don’t be surprised. It existed once until I commented about the length and the owner decided to change it. So, keep it short and easy to remember. Put your trademark as your Blog Name, so that people can remember it. I bet there are a lot of “Secret Gardens” or “Wonderful Lands” on the internet. But I’m sure you don’t get a lot of “Cynical Me” or “Esther’s Crap”. It’s your blog anyway, so make it truly yours!

ii) Posts Contents - Update them frequently, please!

Oh My! In my blog, I have got a whole list of zombies who last updated their blogs few months ago. People lose their interest in reading your blogs if you don’t update them frequently. It doesn’t have to be updated every hour, of course. But once a week, is the minimum requirement. Write something interesting (and personal views are very much welcomed). If you want to make your blog popular, make sure the language is simple and the contents are more general. If you have just broken up with your boyfriend, which is worth mentioning but to write a whole post mentioning the details of the event (where you broke up, what he said…) is a bit absurd. As I said, add in personal views. On top of the breaking up, you can mention about what you think about human relationship. If your blog gets TOO personal, it’ll become a personal diary- something not meant for public reading. So a blog or a diary? You decide.

iii) Keep it original- No Copy and Paste!

“I have read an article recently and I find it interesting, so I would like to share it with everyone. Here’s the article…”
…and the article is copied and pasted as the post. We don’t want that! If you get the article from a website, please just provide a link to the article. We don’t want your blog to be a duplicate of say, The Economist.Com or Star Online. You can quote part of the articles and comment about that. But please, at least tell us what makes you think that the article is worth reading when you recommend it. People might not get your point if your intention is not stated clearly.

iv) Length does matter- K.I.S.S

Lengthy posts put people off, trust me. If one has to scroll down on and on before one reaches the end of a post, one will just leave and decide not to read the blog. So, Keep It Short and Simple (K.I.S.S). If it has to be long, split it into parts. You don’t want people to read your post and after a blink of eye, they have lost track of where they have read up to, because the post is too long. K.I.S.S, yes, that’s the way.

v) Can’t say it? Show it then!

A picture says a thousand words. If I can show you a picture of a good blog, I would have. But I can’t. And so I decided to put it all in words. But if you are trying to tell us how beautiful the Eye on Malaysia is, why not just put a picture and some captions instead of writing an English essay about it? Upload photos and pictures if they are available. Don’t just use words.

If you think your blog is not good, upgrade it. If people like your blog, share the secrets! And while I continue surfing the net, reading blogs and posts, I shall hope not to see a typical not-so-good blog anymore, because that’s when I’ll shout loudly, “Not another One, PLEASE!”

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