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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Money from the Sky

Written by Ellyda

Money talks can get people listening to you. Money is the root of all evil. One of that root of evil is coming up with some kind of scam, involving money kind of scam, Get-Rich-Fast Scam, Get-A-Lot-Of-Money-In-No-Time Scam, Hey-Look-I’m-Rich-You-Can-Be-Too Scam, and Invest-With-Me-Get Rich-Together Scam just to name a few. Just post an ad for free on the Internet on ways to make money can attract a lot of people’s attention including mine. But may I assure you that money does not falls from the sky.

Well maybe some are not scams. We have to give credits for them to willingly to share their road to success and to wealth by providing us their successful stories. But how will we ever know whether scam or no scam unless we have tried it ourselves right? Some of the ads either we have to join their club or buying their e-books on the Internet, we will be on our way on earning more money.

Here I’m not going to tell you how to make a lot of money is a very short time or tell you which money earning program you should join, but to tell you how to avoid getting scam on the Internet.

1. You can joined any forums or blogs to share ideas and talk to a few people which can give you insight knowledge on these kind of things. It also helps if you read newspapers or watch news on TV to know what is going on in the world around you. If you think you want to participate is any programs making money, make sure that you investigate thoroughly by finding out from the people who joined and talk to them successful and unsuccessful people if there are any. It also helps to consult in friends and family before making any decisions.

2. If you want to join in the world of making money through the net, find a trusted source that you can start with, for example, Google Adsense and Nuffnang.com where you can use your blog as a base for advertising. You can earn money when people click on the ads on your blog.

3. Other than that, you can also do your own investigating. If you want to do an internet investment, please check whether the scheme is authorized or not. If not you can check with your authorities to confirmed. Do not invest with schemes that are illegal. It may be the easy way but may I warn you, you may lose your money.

4. To join a multi-level marketing company or MLM, please do verify the product that they are selling. Try calling their suppliers and customers to make sure the products they are selling is the product they told us. Trusted MLM companies that are well known and already successful are Amway, Forever Living and USANA Health Sciences. Put your money where its worth it.

5. “Subject: WINNING NOTIFICATION-You’ve won USD100, 000.00”. Some of us may get this in our email. But for email like this make sure that you had entered any valid contest to win any amount of money. Do not trust email that came from nowhere and you have never registered on their websites.

In your search of the best program for earning money, I hope some of my guidelines are useful to you in anyway and if you do find a good money earning programs that are not scams and trustworthy, please don’t hesitate to tell me. :)

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