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Monday, April 21, 2008

Tips on Relieving Stress

Written by Andrew

Nowadays, most of people from urban areas unable to relieve their stress effectively. They often relieve their stress by visiting pub, disco and other place similar to it. Although these places seem fun and only at here we can consume a lot of alcoholic drinks, however, it’s not a healthy living style. Moreover, we can expose to drugs if we are not cautious.

Actually there still have many ways for us to get rid of our headache stress. We can choose a better entertainment that involved our closest family, friends and even a stranger. It’s very simple. What I will mention now probably already becomes your routine activity, but I still wrote this because I want to share with everybody.
Personally I like to playing computer games. I think play games were really fun because we can get the satisfaction from the games we’ve played. I would like to suggest online games to everyone. Firstly, the online game I intro to you all is Maple Story. This game really fun although the game was built in 2-D. Maple Story suit to all ages. If you really feel boring and stressed, why don’t give a try on it? Secondly, I will like to intro this website to you all. That’s neopets.com! This really is a cool site. You can raise your pets by creating or adopting. Of course, you can abandon it if you don’t like the one you’ve created. You can earn “money” or called neopoints by playing their flash games. There are many features and I unable to state all of that. Thus, you’ve to figure it out by giving it a try on this cool site!

Instead of playing games, we also can choose other type of entertainment or activity to relieve our stress. Such as establish a gathering with old friends and having some barbeque party or going out for a cup of coffee with colleagues and etc…My personal suggestion is to Starbucks Coffee and have a cup of cappuccino or mocha with your friends. It is better if you go at night because the atmosphere is romantic and tranquility at night time. I bet you’ll like it so much!

Other than that, Sports also one of the choice too. And I would like to suggest bowling! Not necessary to possess high skill to play bowling because it is quite funny when you watch the ball you’ve thrown fall into the side drain…You should call a gang of friends to play with. Because you can laugh at each other lousy skill on playing bowling. I bet you will become more relax than before after few set of bowling game…If your living areas do not have bowling centre you also can try out volleyball. It is also similar with the bowling game because you can call many friends to involve in!

Finally, I would like to say thanks to you all who has read my article. Hope my little guide can contribute! And remember, do not consume fast foods or oily foods such as chicken chop, French fries frequently and try to eat vegetables and fruits everyday! Because this will help you to reduce your emotional action. Proof has been certified by scientists that some essential nutrients from veggies can help us remain calm than usual. Hope you all stay healthy and free from stress and problems every single day!

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