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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Lesson For All: Really.. Never Give Up!

Written by Shelby Yoong

Last week or maybe a fortnight ago, I wrote about loving your enemies as how you treat others.. That is a lesson we should always cherish in our hearts and ask God to help us to accomplish that mission! :)

Today, I would like to share another lesson which most of us hear most of the times.. NEVER GIVE UP! Giving up is like the easiest thing to do right? When things goes really wrong, what is the first shortcut that comes in your mind? Well most youths would say "I give up!" Familiar with the phrase.. This is us teenagers today.. We should not actually give up just because we fail once or two..

Life is like a game.. If you give up, it is game over and no more surprises.. No more dreams.. No more suspense on what is gonna happen.. Isn't life that dull? I don't think so... Life is full of challenges.. We should all face it no matter what.. When we give up or on the edge of doing so, ask the Lord to provide you the strength of not giving up! You are much worth than that! Imagine what would you do if you never give up.. You will be a servant in God's eyes.. You will serve the Lord in whatever you do and be the best! :)

No one is perfect but we do have hidden talents... We should try to shine for the Lord in whatever we want to do.. So since exams are like really around the corner, you can start praying and read the word of the Lord everyday.. Don't forget to focus on what you are suppose to focus.. It is also your part to do too.. :)

Never ever say cannot.. Remember you are SPECIAL and God loves each and every one of you.. You are unique and talented! You are the best! And you are all the followers of God.. The most remarkable thing to ever be..

So thinking of giving up or changing yourself for eternity?

Start from now and you will soon know the beauty of not giving up together with the footsteps of the Lord beside you everyday and for eternity!

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