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Monday, April 7, 2008


Written by craxgrl

Ever wonder why YOU were NEVER the center of attraction? Always beingaround the spotlight but never IN IT?? Here are my top 5 personal tipsthat are simple and easy for YOU to try them out!! It works for allwalks of life and any gender!


1) SMILE~~!!- It's free!! No one knows what is in your head but when you smile, itgives people a impression that you are not going to eat them up andthat you are easy to get along with.Take note not to grin or be TOO enthusiastic (or people will thinkthat you are a pervert or there's something wrong with 'up there') anddon't give that plastic smile.

2) LOOK CONFIDENT- Again, never will anyone know that you are feeling like a mouseinside. LOOK BOLD (but with brains, don't go banging around makingsounds without facts) and act CONFIDENT. Shake hands confidently,believe me, one hand shake reflects who you are instantly! Whenthere's a topic that you do not understand or knows more than yourfriends/colleague do, just simply shrugged them off and act like youdon't even care. You will not be seen as the id**t that boast aroundstupidly.

3) BE PREPARED- LOL…I'm not asking you to read books as thick as a dictionary! Norsitting in front of the TV 24/7 just to get hold on to the latestevent/news. Don't push yourself. Instead, do some thing FUN that youenjoy! For instance, flipping through the latest magazine or simplyhang out with friends. This way, you get the latest news on everythingthat's happening around and you get to exchange loads of informationto use it on other group of friends! (Don't go too far fetched,nobody's interested, do they?) You'll never know when a hot gossiptopic will appear!

4) LOOK INTERESTED/ LISTEN- Always be brave to make eye-contact with people around. LISTEN andnot just hear. By doing this, you can easily make conversations byasking questions about them. Everyone favorite topic is themselves so,let them talk. Then, you can chirp in your own topic and dominate thewhole conversation. You'll also be seen as pleasant and out-goingperson, not to mention you just dropped your habit of making spiderwebs on yourself by sitting at a corner. People around you willdefinitely be SURPRISED!!

5) TAKE CARE OR YOURSELF- No, I'm not telling you to be addicted to yourself by looking at themirror whenever you got a chance. Just do a little bit extra likewashing your face and hands and applying some perfume/cologne (Yousmelled nice!). As most popular individual knows, people care aboutpeople who cares about themselves. In my language, first impression isthe utmost crucial. People judge someone instantly (whether they knewit or not) based on their appearance. So, make sure you give them thatand you'll definitely stand out among dozens of others!!

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