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Monday, April 7, 2008


Written by UGN

The Oxford Dictionary (Tenth Edition) defines ‘acceptance’ as “consent to receive” or “regard favorably or with approval”. Now, what about it? A majority of today’s youth pursue money, fame, power, and recognition. Many feel out of place in society because their peers have more money, more ‘followers’, more invites to parties and clubs, more backstage passes to concerts and are more popular with the ‘in’ crowd. And because they want to be with that crowd as well, they try as hard as they can to be accepted by these people.

Firstly, we have to understand that people don’t like pretenders and wannabes. The more you try to be like the ‘cool people’, the more they’ll keep away from you. It’s all about being who you are. If you’re not the type who likes loud music and a noisy atmosphere, why force yourself to buy expensive tickets to a rock concert by a rock band which you don’t even listen to just to be like those other people? Everyone is special and different in their own ways. There’s no reason for you to change yourself to be like Mr. Cool. Of course, positive aspects and behaviors like good manners are things that you can learn from people, but what is the point of trying to dress like them, listening to their type of music, and compromising your standards (like smoking or excessive drinking) just so that you can be more like them? If you have to change who you are just to fit in with them, you can be sure that they will never truly accept you for who you are. True acceptance cannot be obtained by modifying your outward appearance or changing your habits. True acceptance is when you live your life with dignity, honor and respect for others which will then cause them to appreciate you as who you really are. If you truly understand what acceptance is, you wouldn’t even be pondering over the question of whether people accept you or not because one of the most crucial points of being accepted by others is to first accept them for who they really are: unique individuals just like you and me. It’s all the same for respect. You have to first respect others to be respected by them.
Therefore, be mindful of others in your everyday life. Learn to accept them regardless of whether you have the same interests and habits or not. Interact with them with respect and dignity at all times. Treat others how you want them to treat you.

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