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Monday, April 14, 2008


Written by Yap

This was the first time i wrote this,i mean...about food,not particularly a food critic but more to a food lover.Especially comes to hokkien mee.

Now...it might not be a five star restaurant that i am talking about.It's more to a local hawker stall which situated in cheras.And most important..it's NON HALAL..so for muslim friends out there...my apology..

This was a friend of mine who stays there and took me to have a try since both of us were hokkien mee lovers.The stall is actually situated around the flat area there.(SRI JOHOR FLAT),they call it.What i came to know is that the business usually conduct in the evening.And ended quite late after 12am maybe,depends on the crowd.

I wonder how good was it as my friend told me before.So i gave it a try.And the result is...great!!..i know..it might sound exaggerating but that is the best i had tasted.There's a a lot of gravy in there,i don't like dry ones because it won't be hokkien mee..the ingredients were fresh...and the sambal belacan...wow...a perfect match with the mi.

As for pricing,what can you expect from a hawker stall?The price range is affordable,don't worry...

Hey!!Did i tell you that it not just only serve mee?but others too?you can have many choices to pick from the menu.Mee,Meehoon,Rice,La-la
,Soup..But don't expect too much on the beverage though..

Overall..it's good that you can bring your family to dine there,any choices but you need to get there fast because the parking space is limited ..first come first serve you see..other than that would be alright..i guess..haha

Thanks for reading this and i hope would be a lot coming...Still cracking my head what to write..but it will soon come to me...adios amigos!!

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