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Monday, April 7, 2008


I remember the olden days where kids in my era are consider fortunate but kids in the Year 2000 onwards are too lucky and fortunate. Why? Because their parents will get ready everything for them even before they were born into this world. "Everything" means branded stuff from TOP to TOE with super formula milk powder (DHA and other nutrients) to make them smarter. Every time when I saw the ads on different types of milk powder, I will start to think kids nowadays needs to feed their little "brain" with lots of nutrients and vitamins to ensure they grow up bigger and smarter. There's an advertisement where 2 little boys were having a conversation and one of the kid is telling his friend on what they have learnt yesterday. He imitates the sounds of different animals and at the end he asked "what does a crocodile sounds like? It doesn't make any sound because it doesn't know how to talk!!" That was cute and because he drank the special formula in the milk powder, that's why he's so clever!!

When my friend was pregnant and she was getting all the clothes and other necessary items for the baby, she was so engrossed with those little cute clothes where her newborn will be able to wear it. When I look at the price, those little cute clothes cost the same as the adults' clothes. It was expensive but mom-to-be won't care much about it. She just wants her little kid to be in the best way as long as they afford it. On the other hand, wouldn't it be a waste in a few months time when the kid is growing up big and fast? Now the kid is growing up real fast and the clothes that were bought have only be worn a few times. And what happens next? The clothes have already been stacked aside and a new set of clothes is ready for the little ones. Even when they are a baby, they have started to wear different types of branded clothes.

My friends will dolled up their kids with endless and endless of branded goods from such as NIKE, ESPRIT, RALPH LAUREN and etc. Then the parents will start to vie with each other on whose kids are wearing the latest and branded model. One such example happens to my friend's' kid and he's only in kindergarten!! They are expected to buy a branded POLO brand just for the sake of a show and to use it for their sports class too. And it's not cheap; everything is way out of the budget. But for the sake of her son and also the pressure from the Principal, my dear friend ended up buying the shirt and she has to tighten the expenses of the household for the month. My goodness!! But what will happen if the parents can't afford to buy such an expensive clothing for their kids? Will their kids be kick out of the school? Or the kids will be looked down upon by other kids too?"

Besides that, they talk and act just like an adult. With their little thinking, they have their own opinion and is always voicing out their dismay to you. Lot of questions will pop-up in their brains and parents will have a real headache explaining their questions. Sometimes, I do feel kids are hard to communicate now.

Well, as the elders said "Considered yourself fortunate enough to have FOODS on the tables, CLOTHES to keep warm and SHOES for the bare feet." Aren't kids fortunate these days???

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